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Thanks for applying, but you suck.

I had an interview for an AWESOME job yesterday. A Tech Support Representative for Midcontinent. I thought I had it in the bag. I wrote a great blurb in my Resume, and I was positive and enthusiastic at my interview, and I felt I answered the questions well.

However, this afternoon I got the generic email saying "While impressed with your qualifications, we have selected other candidates to continue through the hiring process. We encourage you to apply for future openings for which you qualify."

I was 90% sure I'd get the job. Heck, I have experience, it was basically the same job I was just laid off from at WOW. Plus, it was a job I *LOVE* and am passionate about. I hate it when I put all my time and energy into applying for a job and going to an interview, and thinking about how awesome it would be to get that job, and then I'm shot down. I had was so sure I had the job I had already started making tentative plans around it. Now I'm basically just fucked. Back to square one with goddamn NOTHING to show for it. *THIS* is why I abhor job hunting.

Thinking back over my job history, the 2 times in my life that I was happiest and most enthusiastic about my job was when I worked at WOW(Tech Support) and when I worked at Gateway(also over-the-phone Tech Support). I mean, I liked my other jobs, and I was very happy when I was doing them (well, most of them) but, my passion is helping people and fixing problems, and Tech support is really my calling, I feel.

However, now that I've been rejected by basically the two biggest Tech Support employers in Sioux Falls, it's back to a mediocre, second-rate existence just applying for normal customer service jobs (and probably being rejected by those too)

I feel like a total loser now. It's just not fair.

Unemployed again

Well, I was laid off from my Tech Support Job from WOW this morning. *sai* I only worked there 1 year, 1 month. I certainly wasn't expecting it.

The Sioux Falls Call Center was sold to VAST communications, and since they will be servicing only the South Dakota area, there is less need for as may TSRs, so thus I was let go.

I do get severence pay (4 weeks) and at least I can collect unemployment if I need to, but this is NOT what I expected when I went to work this morning.

My partner Jenn (soliloquy) has been wonderful to me. I certainly would be freaking out and breaking down a lot more if it wasn't for her.

However, I feel like yet again I've failed at life. It's times like this I curse my asperger's. If only I was able to read social signs or body language better, I might have seen this coming, but no. I did not.

Anyone need a good tech support person? Maybe I should take this time to get Cisco-certified. *sigh* Life really sucks sometimes.

Learning to stop overediting.....

Is part of writing learning to LET IT GO? Is it just letting yourself write freely without inhibitions and without worrying if you are using the same word too many times? Not so much sacrificing quality for quantity, but just reining in your over-editing self and just posting what you wrote? Let me know what you think. (xposted to Facebook)


I need a new car... AGAIN :\

Well, sadly, the Mikey-mobile (my orange car) got totaled out. I'm not going to go into all the long convoluted details about the accident, but someone smashed into the passenger side of my car (thank GOD Jenn wasn't in the car, she would have been seriously hurt) and the damage is enough that State Farm decided to total out my car.
I am trying my hardest to find a car that will suit my needs AND my budget. ARGH. I only have about $5,000 to work with (the about $8,000 the insurance company values my car at minus the about $3,000 I still owe)
These are the things that are absolute MUSTS in the new "used" car are
+ Cruise control
+ Air conditioning
+ Less than 100,000 miles
+ Good reviews / reliability
+ around $5,000
+ AT LEAST 20 MPG city

These are the things I would LIKE but are not essential:
+ I would LIKE it if it would sit a little higher up than a normal sedan does. Jenn feels a lot safer that way, and I can see a lot better.
+ The COLOR: I would like it to be orange, but my secondary fave colors are green or purple. - I would prefer NOT white or silver.
+ An AV-in jack for the radio (or a tape player so I can use an adapter)
+ I would LOVE a hybrid. Just so I can feel smug about the environment. ;)
+ If I could choose a dream car, I would LOVE to have audio controls on the steering wheel, but that's something that's a far away wish.

I am sadly having a LOT of trouble finding a decent car. I *WANT* to get a new car soon because 1) It makes Jenn very anxious to ride in the busted-up Mikey-mobile, 2) My car is starting to make really scary noises and I'm afraid it might fall apart, 3) Jenn can't ride up front with me (the front passenger door won't open), 4) I think the people at State Farm are going to get sick of waiting to come pick up the Mikey-mobile, and 5) I want to get it done before I have to make another car payment next month and/or another insurance payment.

There is a 2002 Ford Focus that only has had 1 owner and only about 56,000 miles. It is only $5,900 I am seriously considering getting it, but there are a COUPLE things that are really bugging me.
1. The Color - It's white. Blech.
2. No AV-in jack.
3. It sits rather low to the ground.

I know I should just put up with the problems and get this car and just deal with this car until I get out of school and can afford something better, but it's really hard. I *HATE* changing cars, and so it's difficult.

*sai* any suggestions anyone out there??
It's been a while since I updated, and there's a ton of stuff I need to talk about.



Well, that's it for THIS entry. I still need to make another entry about my car being broken into and stuff stolen in December, and an entry recapping the AWESOME time I had in North Carolina with robina1984, jem0000000, & aussiegirl17 in January... gah, I'm behind on posting!

Fake memory meme

"forced" to do this by bunnymaccool:

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now,(even if we don't speak often or ever) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me.

It can be anything you want - good or bad. :)

When you're finished, post this little paragraph in your LJ and see what your friends come up with. If you WANT to do this, you can. I'm not gonna be a hardass and MAKE you do it tho ;)


Also, I don't know WHY they have to be fake memories. I do insane enough stuff, so if you want to share a REAL memory, that's cool with me too.

Info about North Carolina Trip! Woot Woot!

Well, I will catch you up on the events of the last month or so in a later entry (hopefully sometime this week). However, in the meantime, I am going to North Carolina to visit robina1984, jem0000000, and aussiegirl17! XD I will be there from next Saturday (Jan 14th) until the following Saturday (Jan 21st)

This stuff prolly isn't of any interest to anyone but the peoples directly connected with it: Boring stuff under here. Tentative Itinerary, hotel and flight infoCollapse )

Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays

What is your must-see holiday movie? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]

The 1st Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie! XD What? It's about family, and isn't that REALLY what the holidays are all about?? ;)

... you're just lucky I didn't answer "We Wish You A Turtle Christmas"! WRAP RAP! XD

.... yes I did this entry just to enter for the $50 amazon gift card ;)
Well, I *THINK* the phone interview that I did last Thursday went okay. They said they should get back to me within 5 to 10 business days, so I'm crossing my fingers hopefully! I should know if I got the job (or at least a second interview) by December 22nd at the latest. Yayness! :)

In other news, I spent Sunday night/Monday morning in the Emergency Room at Sanford. Eeps!
At about 10:50pm or so on Sunday night, I was laying in bed watching TV after Jenn had fallen asleep and I got a pain in my stomach, which I mistook for just an upset stomach (I have trouble telling the difference between severe pain and nausea). I went upstairs and took some pepto-bismol and ran a warm bath (two things that usually tend to soothe my tummy) While I was in the tub, the nausea hit full force. I pulled myself over to the toilet and threw up. Up to this point, the experience was something that I had experienced many times in the last 2 years or so. Usually after throwing up or sitting in the tub for a while I feel well enough to go to sleep and I feel better in the morning.
However, after that point, things took a disturbingly scary turn. I found myself in so much pain after throwing up that I was crying (I don't cry very often) I was laying on the bathroom floor, crying, naked and wet. (and if Jenn had been not asleep w earplugs in, I would have yelled to her for help) Thankfully, the pain seemed to come in waves (although I was in too much pain to realize that until much later, when I was in the ER) During one of the lesser parts of the pain, I was able to pull my clothes on so that my dad didn't see me naked when I left the bathroom and went down to Jenn & my bedroom.
I pulled myself into bed as another high point of pain hit me, and contemplated waking Jenn up. Seriously, I wasn't going to wake her up (It seems to be murphy's law or something, but whenever I start complaining about this type of pain, it seems to go away and I end up feeling like a drama queen/idiot/hypochondriac) However, I remembered that women many times have this chest pain and nausea as symptoms of a heart attack. I didn't want to die of a heart attack, so I shook Jenn awake and said "I think I'm having a heart attack!" (I know, what a TERRIBLE way to wake someone up! Yikes!)
Jenn didn't know what to do (I don't blame her, she was sleep-addled, and had taken her Seroquel (her sleepy-time med)) so I went upstairs and told my dad I thought I was having a heart attack. He gave me some aspirin and then called 911. The fire engine and an ambulance came and evaluated me. They wanted to take me to the hospital, but I wasn't sure if my insurance covered the ambulance, so I declined. As soon as they left, Jenn, my dad, and I got into my dad's van and headed to the Sanford emergency room. My dad drove like a race-car driver to get there. It's good it was late at night, so there was hardly any traffic.
We got to the Emergency Room and we got a room right away. They put a bunch of wires on me and did a bunch of tests (can't remember what they were what right now) and took my blood. They figured out that it WASN'T my heart and I wasn't having a heart attack, thank god.
I writhed around in pain for about 3+ hours while they tried different pain meds to see if they would help me (at least that's what I *THINK* the reason was why I was in pain so long) in the meantime, they gave me an ultrasound of my gall bladder and noticed that I had/have a lot of stones in it.
I am unclear on what happened in the time I was in the emergency room. I guess my brain was too addled with pain to pay attention to secondary functions like recording memories. I know that I'm missing a lot of things in my mental replay because I'll say something like "I wish they would have said definitively that it was gall bladder problems" and Jenn will tell me "Ummm... they did, Marne. Like 3 or 4 times." ACK.
They finally got my pain under control and got me discharged at about 3:30am, and they recommended that I just call the surgery doctor in the morning and get the surgery for the removal of my gall bladder scheduled.

I tell you what, if I had known what a PAIN IN THE ASS it would be to schedule my gall bladder surgery, I would have just stayed in the emergency room until they gave me my surgery (another example of my memory not working; Jenn says they gave me that option and I turned it down. I have NO recollection of this)
I called Dr. Tschetter's office (the surgeon who was supposedly on call the night that I came in, even though I NEVER saw him. I only saw Dr. Vankeulen.) and they couldn't schedule my surgery until either December 23rd or January 9th, Neither of these would work, because in case you hadn't heard, Jennifer is having a hysterectomy on December 23rd, and it would be very bad for us to BOTH be laid up at the same time. (it's something I want to avoid at all costs)
Plus the fact that since the attack, my gall bladder seems to protest a little whenever I eat anything. And I HAVE been sticking to a bland diet like they want me to. However, I am afraid of another attack, and I don't want to wait until next month to get the damned little offending organ removed out of me.
Anyway, thankfully I have a sister who is a surgical nurse who works at the hospital. She poked around a bit and got me in for a consultation with one of the other surgeons, Dr. Sorrell, for 11:30AM this Thursday, the 15th. She told me to fast from midnight the day before because they'd probably do the surgery that day. I was relieved.
However, after I went to the trouble and got that all set up, the hospital calls me back and says they want me to see the doctor that I "saw" in the ER, Dr. Tschetter, because then he will know what is going on with my case. I tried to explain to them that I never even SAW him, but they said I had to go see him. Somehow a magical consultation opened up with Dr. Tschetter on Friday at 11AM. *sai*
I am still going to fast the day of my appointment and hope that I get the surgery that day. I don't know if I will or not. I'm going to talk to my sister about it tonight at supper.

I've decided *this* about the appointment/consult on Friday. If they tell me that they think it's something other than my gall bladder, and THAT'S why they don't wanna do the surgery, then fine. I will work with that. HOWEVER, if they tell me it's my gall bladder, but they don't schedule my surgery for later that day, then I will be pissed. I will leave the doctors office and go have Long John Silvers for lunch and if that doesn't trigger an attack, then I am having Burger King for supper! :P Then when I go to the ER, I'm going to stay there until they remove the damn thing!!

I tell you my gall bladder has a TERRIBLE sense of timing. It doesn't need to be pulling these shenanigans right before the end of the year and right before Jenn's surgery! I guess my body says "Hey! No fair! If Jenn gets to have surgeries we do too!!" ;}


I can't keep WAITING to succeed. I keep waiting to make more sales/income/profit at my current job so that I can justify asking for a raise. ($250 a week BEFORE taxes is just NOT a living wage, especially for a full-time job *sai*)

So I applied for a Citibank customer service job last night (no sales), and I got a call back surprisingly quick. They just called me and set up a phone interview for today at 5:20PM. Eeks! Scary!

I should make a list of why getting a new job scares me.
+ Quitting/giving up too soon?
+ wasting time listing the last few months?
+ Love my current job. :\

There are a million reasons why moving from my current job scares me, Maybe I will list them later, but right now even STARTING that list is giving me anxiety headaches, and I don't need to have that stressed mindset when I'm doing my phone interview in a few hours.

I guess the main reason I want to move from my current job is the money issue. I'm 31 years old now. I want to be able to afford to move out of my dad's basement and get my own house. The thing that bothers me the most is that I feel kinda like a liar. I've always said that money doesn't matter as long as you love your job ... However, when it's not even a living wage (technically I make less than minimum wage right now) it just can't happen. It sucks because I HIGHLY enjoy my job that I have right now, and I'm very good at it. But there are months when I actually COST the company money to employ me (in other words, the profit I generate is less than the money it costs to pay me for that month) and the months I *DO* make enough, I only make a few hundred dollars at most over my salary costs. :[

Hell, maybe I'm worrying for nothing. Maybe I'll totally bomb this interview tonight, or maybe citibank will say "no way I want that crazy working here again!" I guess I will just wait and see.

I will write another entry tomorrow (hopefully) detailing why I'm afraid to leave my current job and with more info and thoughts about this. I will also tell you all how the interview went (although I doubt if they'll confirm the job yes or no over the phone, we shall see.)


Halloween - Trick or Treat meme

*beats on LJ to make it work better*

Halloween really snuck up on me this year! I usually spend all month anticipating it, but this year it was like "What? Halloween is next monday?" How the heck did THAT happen?? O_O

Anyways, here's a trick or treat meme I nicked from aloneindarknes7:

"In honor of All Hallow's Eve, I'm inviting trick-or-treaters to my 'door.' Comment "trick-or-treat" to this post and...well, you know the drill. Treats can be anything that strikes my fancy (pics of fave actors or pairings, one sentence fics, graphics, a few words why I'm glad to have you on my flist, etc. etc.). The more "houses" to visit the more fun it'll be, so go ahead, open your journal and help spread the fun!"

Writer's Block: Anti-bullying month

Who is the biggest bully in your life? One response chosen at random will win an Amazon Kindle. [contest details] (sponsored by )

I had a bully in middle school named Spencer H. (last name omitted for anonymity sake) he was a real jerk. I don't wanna get into what he did because it's painful reliving those memories. Looking back at it, I *KNOW* that the only reason he harrassed me was because he knew he could get a reaction out of me. I also know that the bullying stopped (or at least diminished considerably) when I decided to take the attitude that "it doesn't matter what others think of me or say about me, that is THIER problem, not mine." Sadly, I know that even if I went back in time and told myself this and that believing it would save me a lot of heartache and suicide attempts, I know that I would not have believed it. *sai* Some things are just best learned by experience I guess.

((yes I did this on the off-chance I might win the kindle, I'm a contest monger))
Well, as Jenn says here, Jennifer and I have been on a 10-day detox thingy called "Ultra Clear Plus" since wednesday of last week. We decided to do it because Jenn wants to make sure it's not her diet that is causing her goiter and the nodules in her thyroid. Jenn also gets occasional stabbing pain in the area of her liver, and this is supposed to be an excellent liver detoxifying regiment.

We decided to augment the regiment a little bit because Jenn was absolutely exhausted and getting light-headed and feeling like she was going to pass out even when we had eliminated just sugars, meats, dairy, eggs, and gluten. Dropping down to the extremely limited diet of days 5-7 was going to be WAY too much for Jennifer, in both of our opinions. So we decided to just do days 5-7 with fruits and vegetables only.

We originally were going to go on the Rakowski cleanse, which is a MUCH more restrictive detox program (you're only allowed to eat 1 type of green vegetable a day, and nothing else except that, water, and the "medical food" they provide) The reason we were going to try it is because my dad (who is extremely overweight and has COPD) was prescribed it by his heart doctor, and he had very good results with it, feeling much more energized by it. However, when we went to talk to the doctor to get the "medical food", the guy we got it from recommended that we do this less restrictive detox instead, because they only use the Rakowski cleanse for their most extreme cases.

The problem is, this detox is kicking my ass. :P I'm tired and achy and hungry. *pouts, all whiny-faced* I think the worst thing for me is giving up sugar & caffeine. Jenn doesn't drink much caffeine, but I like to have my 1-liter of Dr. Pepper a day (I know it seems like a lot, but a lot of people drink coffee, I prefer Dr. Pepper) Also, I *LOVE* sugar. I have a hell of a sweet tooth, and I know it.

I have insanely intense headaches, extreme fatigue, stomach ache, loose stools, and body aches with this detox. Has anyone else out there on my f-list done a cleanse/detox? Did you have similar side effects? Which one did you try and what were your results?

Ask A Character Some Questions Meme

I know I should finish and post this meme first, but I'm a meme!sheep. (plus, jem0000000 egged me into it!) I do have like 5.5 of the 7 question sets from that mystery characters meme that I linked to completed though, so I will try to finish it up and get it posted.


NOTE: This meme has been heavily edited so I *THINK* it makes a little more sense

ASK A CHARACTER A QUESTION MEME!formally known as: Character Questions Meme)

1. Choose a character from any fandom that I know (even if it's one of my OCs). My *MAIN* fandoms are Ninja Turtles and Kino No Tabi, but I'm not going to limit your fandom/character choices, though. However, if I do not know the character, I may ask you for another choice.

2. Go here and generate 10 random numbers between 1 and 100.

3. Comment with the character and the numbers, and then I will answer the corresponding questions from this list here AS THE CHARACTER! YAYNESS! XD (I will prolly make a new post answering the questions for each character I get)

Feel free to pick a character that someone else already asked about, as the questions will most likely be different this time around.


Also, I don't really care if you randomize the question #s or pick them deliberately - it's a long list, so you'll probably save time randomizing, but if you want to know specific answers, go for it!

You can ask about more than one character, but please do a separate comment & number list for each character.

oooohhhh! Drawing Meme! XD

"Forced" to do it by evilsherbear - modified by me, cuz I'm evil that way (italics is text that I added):

The first five people to comment in this post saying "MIKEY IS BETTER THAN RAPH" get to request that I write a drabble/ficlet of any pairing/character of their choosing draw them a picture of something!. In return, they have to post this I would REALLY like it if they would post this or a similar meme (although that is optional) in their journal, regardless of their ability level.


I will draw to the best of my ability! Even Original Characters! :D I can't promise the drawings will be in color, since I don't computer color well, but we will see :D

I'm doing this to get my drawing juices flowing. :] And also to have some NEWER art to fill up my DA Account. I drew zombie Mikey last night and I enjoyed it, but I'm not sure what else to draw. I might ask for more takers if the 1st 5 drawings work out well.

Week from HELL

NOTE: this entry has NOT been edited, but MAY be edited later tonight, after I talk with Jenn. It is also friends-locked.
NEW NOTE: This STILL hasn't been edited, so it may jump a bit around a little bit in thought patterns. However, I updated the date, added tags, and also un-friends-locked it.

Under the cut, I ramble about changes at work, and why I fear moving to a new town.

BLAH BLAH BLAH under cutCollapse )

Addictive 20 questions game!



It's like 20 questions (http://20q.com) but SOOOOO much better! Here's a list of what it has guessed correctly, and what has stumped it (if it isn't noted, it was played by me) :

Now alphabetized by the request of jem0000000

Correctly guessed:
- Anastasia (Animated Anastasia) (From jem0000000)
- April O'Neil (TMNT)
- Bebop (TMNT)
- Celty (DRRR!) (From aloneindarknes7)
- Dana Scully (X-files) (From autumndandelion)
- Data (Star Trek) (From randompest)
- Dwayne Johnson/The Rock (From aloneindarknes7)
- Goku (Dragon Ball Z) (From aloneindarknes7)
- Hermes (Kino's Journey / Kino No Tabi)
- Inuyasha
- Irma (TMNT)
- Jean-Bob (Swan Princess) (From jem0000000)
- Karai (TMNT) (From jem0000000)
- Keno (TMNT Movie 2) (From jem0000000)
- Kino (Kino's Journey / Kino No Tabi)
- Kotoko (Chobits)
- Kowalski (Penguins of Madagascar) (From aloneindarknes7)
- Krang (TMNT)
- Leonardo (TMNT) (From soliloquy)
- Lex Luthor (Superman) (From aloneindarknes7)
- Mona Lisa (TMNT)
- Odette (Swan Princess) (From jem0000000)
- Pooka (Animated Anastasia) (From jem0000000)
- Rakka (Haibane Renmei) (From aloneindarknes7)
- Raven (Teen Titans) (From jem0000000)
- Rico (Penguins of Madagascar) (From aloneindarknes7)
- Robin (Teen Titans) (From aloneindarknes7)
- Rocksteady (TMNT)
- Sally Donovan (Sherlock BBC) (From jem0000000)
- Scar (Full Metal Alchemist) (From aloneindarknes7)
- Scrappy-Doo (Scooby Doo) (From jem0000000)
- Sherlock (Sherlock BBC) (From jem0000000)
- Shippo (Inuyasha)
- Shredder (TMNT)
- Skipper (Penguins of Madagascar) (From aloneindarknes7)
- Splinter (TMNT)
- Starfire (Teen Titans) (From jem0000000)
- Sumomo/Plum (Chobits)
- Tatsu (TMNT) (From jem0000000)
- Terra (Teen Titans) (From jem0000000)
- Venus DiMilo (NT:TNM)
- Viola (Shakespeare's Twelfth Night) (From jem0000000)

Stumped it:
- Angel (TMNT) (From jem0000000)
- Cody Jones (TMNT Fast Forward)
- Danny Pennington (TMNT movie 1) (From jem0000000)
- Dark Raphael (TMNT Fast Forward) (From aloneindarknes7)
- Dark Leonardo (TMNT Fast Forward)
- Freddy (TMNT movie 2)
- Granny (Miriel's Enchanted Mystery) (From jem0000000)
- Harry the traveling salesman (Miriel's Enchanted Mystery) (From jem0000000)
- Klunk (TMNT)
- Klunk (TMNT) (From jem0000000)
- Lord Peter Almsley (Elemental Masters series by Mercedes Lackey) (From jem0000000)
- Miriel (Miriel's Enchanted Mystery) (From jem0000000)
- Ninjara/Umeko (TMNT)
- Nobody (TMNT) (From jem0000000)
- Raphael (TMNT) (From randompest) Wow... really??
- Serling (TMNT Fast Forward)
- Shadow Jone (TMNT)
- Speedy (the Turtle) (Swan Princess) (From jem0000000)
- Suzanne (Unnatural Issue by Mercedes Lackey) (From jem0000000)
- Vam Mi (NT:TNM)
- Vernon Fenwick (TMNT)
- Zag (Miriel's Enchanted Mystery) (From jem0000000)
- Zak (TMNT)

Comment and tell me what you've had it guess and if it could get it, and I'll add it to the list...



Michaelangelo is superior to Raphael in every way. Except in emoness. For that, Raph is the King. (and Leo, for some reason, is the queen) Otherwise, MIKEY IS THE BESTEST NINJA TURTLE!!

That is all. XP




I am a copycat! XD hee hee. But I does it BETTER! ;p (well more wordy at least, not sure if better)

How is your trip to Costa Rica going? Have you found Leonardo yet? If you find him, please put him in a box with air holes and ship him back to NYC, I'm sure his brothers miss him. (This is after you tackle-hug him and take pictures of him in compromising positions, which, of course, we all know you will do.) I'm sure by the time he arrives home in his box his eardrums will have healed from your squeals. Make sure you include some pizza and cheese doodles in his box so he doesn't starve to death. (If you deem him good enough, you can include some tea and apples as well)

Also, I know that you are assimilating the local culture and language there, as a good evil operative does. I think that once you start becoming bi-lingual, you need to start posting LJ entries in Spanish. If you choose to berate random people and talk about how you are planning to assassinate George Bush Jr. in those entries, well then all the more power to you. I approve of these actions.

Finally, I know you are prolly missing the crud outta your little ball(s?) of wrinkly puppy puggy gooshiness, so I give you something after the cutCollapse )



In a funk ... but going to CON

Blah. I've been feeling really out-of-sort lately. (like this whole last week or so) It's a strange feeling... Whenever I try to read fanfic (something I usually enjoy doing immensely) I get distracted and just don't feel like reading it. :\ I'm not sure what it is... burnout of some sort maybe? (Even though I don't know WHY I'd be burned out, I haven't been reading any more or any different types of fanfic than I usually read.) I've also been feeling that way about my job, like I just don't wanna do it, and also about a lot of other things in my life. *sai* I hope it's just a temporary thing and I can snap out of it. :P

Thankfully, TODAY the "funk cloud" I've been moping around in seems to have lifted a bit. (Again, not sure why, but it's appreciated.) So at least I've felt motivated enough to write this LJ entry. So that's good I guess.

Jenn, Mandy Anne, & I are going to Convergence, a sci-fi convention in Minneapolis, this weekend. :D It's going to be fun (I'm starting to get excited about it, but like I said it's hard with the funk I'm in lately. Which is strange because usually I'm MEGAexcited about cons.)

Jenn, Mandy Anne, moronqueen, & I are going to do the sexy turtles cosplay again on Saturday XD It's going to be a lot of fun, I hope. I think it will be better this time because since the Con isn't as huge as NYCC, we can stay together as a group more. (It's *TOTALLY* a costume that needs to be done as a group.)

I'm thinking of pulling out my red Loli dress (or maybe my purple one) and just going as a normal lolita on Friday. Hmmm....

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