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Kame No Tabi (A Turtle's Travels)

Them's fightin' words, STICK-BOY!

1 December 1980
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Hi! I M MICA! ;) I am a ninja turtle freak who lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota... ummm... I like shiney things... oooohhhh...

My Friending policy:
I randomly friend a lot of people, and I like it immensely if people would friend me back! :D I get VERY sad when people randomly de-friend me! So if you de-friend me without telling me why, then expect to get a lot of sad, hurt emails/messages. If you friend me, I will almost certainly friend you back.

My Heart belongs to my Finance Jennifer (soliloquy) That's right! We got engaged! Yayness! I am so happy that I got to snatch up my cutie before anyone else did! MINE, I TELL YOU, MINE! XD

Want to read my stories? Here's my FF.net profile (almost all TMNT) and Here's a link to the tmnt fic-bits I've written in my LJ, Finally, here's my one finished Naughti TMNT fic "Hot Water"

I like cheese. Do you like cheese?

email me if you wanna ask something or to nyar incoherantly! :D
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